Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Grab a summer bargain!

Those of you still without plans for the summer will be pleased to know that the bargains are plentiful for August this year.  For under £100 spent on flights, a family of four can fly off to some amazing destinations...

What about Germany?  For just £16 return, Cologne beckons you and your kinder.  With its magnificent cathedral and wonderful position on The Rhine, this city is bound to delight you.  Landing you slap bang in the middle of Europe, this destination would make a perfect starting point for a roadtrip.

At just £24, flights to Gothenburg and Copenhagen are available, with Scandinavian splendours waiting to be discovered.  Legoland for the children, travels across the majestic ├śresund Bridge between the two countries and all the gravlax you can eat!

Or what about wonderfully crisp Basel for £35 return?  Sitting on the border of France, Germany and Switzerland, this city is one of many identities.  Mountain passes, world-class art galleries and trains that run on time!

And, if it's gelato and pizza you're after, Milan is cheap at £46 return at the height of summer.  The beauty of the Italian Lakes will delight you, I promise.  Como, Maggiore or Garda?

Factor in self-catering accommodation (see my blog from January for tips) and you've got a European week for under £750 for the whole family.  Definitely a holiday to remember.

I'm more than happy to help source flights and accommodation for you and your family.  Why pay brochure prices when you can create a bespoke break for half the price? 

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