Monday, 9 May 2016

Freedom to fly...

As you've probably gathered by now, I'm a teacher and, therefore, I'm frustratingly tethered to the school holidays when it comes to travelling. 

However, If you're lucky enough to have chosen a 'normal' profession, you can seriously see the world with the change in your back pocket.  Shop for flights wisely and you can explore the world on the cheap.

Being able to holiday whenever you choose is a real luxury; you can reap the rewards of bargain European flights beginning at a pocket-money sized cost.  Indeed, a recent search of mine found ten Italian flights, over the next couple of months, all for under £30 return, including the dream destination of Venice!

To find bargains, go to the search engine and search UK to EVERYWHERE.  For the dates, choose CHEAPEST MONTH and, away you go!

A quick search has thrown up amazing deals for destinations, such as those below, for May 2016.
  • Return to Greece - £30
  • Return to Denmark - £18
  • Return to Mexico - £220
What are you waiting for?  Go and pack!

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