Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Easter 2017

Now's the time to book next year's Easter jaunt, folks!  As with this year, schools are all over the place in terms of where they've chosen to land the two-week break.  This anomaly means that there are flight deals out there for the early birds.

Just a brief look on www.skyscanner.com has thrown up some interesting options.  Santorini flights are pricing up at £300 for a family of four, Rome is coming in at a similar price and Madrid continues to be a bargain.  Factor in self-catering accommodation and the whole week's Easter break will come in at under £1000.  Look in a brochure for April next year and you'll be lucky to get change from double that amount. 

Another benefit of booking up early is that you get the pick of the self-catering accommodation.  The best places get rented out months in advance and, leave it too late, and you're left with the dregs of the resort.

Happy planning.  Let me know where you're off to...

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