Wednesday, 30 August 2017

January Jaunts

If, like me, you hate the post-Christmas lethargy and grey weather of a UK winter, then you will want to know how cheap new year flights are.  Most schools in the country are breaking up late for Christmas and, therefore, are heading back well into January, meaning that the week after New Year's Day is chock full of bargain flights and cheap self-catering accommodation. Most people, having spent up at Christmas, don't think about a mini-break immediately after the festive period, but, with such bargains available, it's worth considering.

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From Manchester, flights to Seville are under £50 return.  From Liverpool, you can jet off for £54 to Porto.  Naples, the land of Pompeii is £61, also from Liverpool.  Another Italian favourite, Venice, is £46 return from Bristol.  And, if Germany is your destination of choice, a whopping six cities can be accessed for under £50 return.  Indeed, Hamburg is a mere £25 return?  Coupled with self-catering accommodation, a family of four can enjoy a January jaunt for under £500.

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And, if like me, your other half needs persuading to spend money on frivolities, why not book the break in secret and wrap up a guidebook in snowman-littered paper? A European mini-break under the tree is surely better than a pair of socks or a selection box?


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