Friday, 18 March 2016

Holidaying during term time!

As we all know, holiday companies like to make their money and an easy way for them to rack up the profit is to increase prices as soon as the school holidays start.
Yes, you could ignore the school dates and take the children out of school a day or two earlier than you should but, potentially, you could incur fines from your local education authority.

A smart way of not being stung financially (and keeping on the right side of the headteacher) is to use the website  This website lists European school holidays country by country, allowing you to see where you might bag a bargain.

If schools are still stuck in education mode in the country in which you're holidaying, you'll be able to find accommodation at half the price and you'll enjoy less crowded attractions.

A few anomalies which can save you money are found in the coolest of destinations.  This year, Denmark becomes cheap for us UK travellers in mid-August, Croatia don't share our Easter dates and Hungary doesn't have a February break. 

It's worth a bit of research to ensure that your Euro goes further this year.

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