Sunday, 3 January 2016

How far can a tenner get you?

For those of you lucky enough to NOT be a teacher, there are some crazy bargains to be had this year!  If you're free to travel whenever you want and aren't constrained by the dates of the local education authority then you can pick up amazing bargains for the coming months. 

Even for those with school-aged children, it's sometimes worth taking a day or two off school to grab the bargains.  I'm sure that the odd 'sick' day will be overlooked and you can take your kids to see some amazing places which they'd only ever see in a book at school! 

Norway for £8 return?  Switzerland for £11?  Czech Republic for £17?  You couldn't get a taxi into the local town for that!

So, how to find these deals... is the place to look.  On their flight search page, select 'United Kingdom' as your point of departure.  Select your destination as 'Everywhere'.  Doing this will bring you the prices of all the possibilities across the globe. 

The next step, when choosing your date, is to use the drop-down menu to highlight 'Find Cheapest Month'.  Then, watch as the plethora of destinations hits the screen.

Yes, you do have to be flexible but, trust me, you'll have difficulity deciding where to go!

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