Friday, 4 December 2015

SERIOUS bargains for February half-term!

As usual, I've been searching flight prices.  My husband would call it an obsession, I'd call it being well-informed!  Anyway, whoever you side with, there's no denying that there are some crazy
flight prices this weekend for numerous European destinations.  At February half-term, why not grab a bargain and have a cheeky city break with the family?

Prices I've found today can't be ignored and they'll need booking pronto.  Prices are liable to rise...

So, what have I found to tempt you?

London - Oslo   £28 return
London - Gothenburg  £27 return
Liverpool - Riga  £43 return
London - Cologne  £29 return
Liverpool - Gdansk  £26 return
London - Copenhagen  £25 return
Liverpool - Dublin  £15 return

These are just a taste of the bargains. is the place to look.  You can search from your desired airport to 'everywhere' to find the best deals.  When it's cheaper to explore a corner of Poland than it is to get a cab to your nearest town, you know it's time to pack your suitcase!

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